Welcome to the Fusion Network

Collaborative solutions for the multiple energy challenges companies face 

Fusion Electrical WA based in Margaret River, Western Australia began trading in 2010. Initially providing electrical site maintenance supporting a community of wine makers and viticulturists. Fusion has evolved to become the leading provider of electrical solutions for industry and commerce. Improved sustainability, efficiency, compatibility and reliability see the agricultural, winemaking and brewing industries strive forth with renewed equitability. Fusion impressive skill set has forged opportunity for collaboration, enabling the company to realise its vision. Empowering industry leaders with knowledge to confidently embrace and utilise electrical and electronic technology for a sustainable future. With knowledge of the industry’s latest innovations and best practises, Fusion Electrical takes pride in their ability to expertly advise clients. Having seen solid growth over the years Fusion confidently offers long term solutions and support.

We are reliable

Regular contact, trust, commitment and dependability underpin our long term relationships. At Fusion our network is built on reliability. From conception to completion we only promise what we know we can deliver. We understand the value of your product and in turn provide immediate support when you need it most.  

We are transparent

Easily traceable service billing, detailing work orders and outcomes. Solutions based on proven theory that provide peak performance, reassurance and positive return on investment. Our team is quality focused and solution driven.

We think outside the box

Our extensive product knowledge and professional network provide a solid base for solution development and creative collaboration. Sustainability, efficiency and ROI sit at the forefront of our minds eye, always looking at improved electrical systems.


 Building leaders in our community. 

A mental health initiative designed to promote healthy mindsets and culture within our team. We are passionate about building resilience and perspective within our company. The “Above The Line” initiative aims at bringing awareness to the way we communicate. By building a framework for our team members to visualise we aim to empower our staff to communicate with purpose in all situations.

The values underpinning the “Above the Line” initiative are respect, honour, trust, inclusiveness and leadership. At Fusion we nurture the development of the creator. Positive self-worth is developed through coaching and mentoring tactics. All team members are responsible for upholding their commitment to developing creators.

As leaders we are passionate about providing the tools needed for our team to flourish within the company and in their personal lives, be leaders in our communities and mentors to friends and family in need. 


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